This app uses tracking technologies. The below notice explains what these are including how and why we use them.


What are tracking technologies?

Tracking technologies are software tools that can be used on mobile apps. Usually, these technologies are based on a device ID (also called an advertising identifier), which is a unique identifier comprised of numbers and letters that corresponds with a single, specific mobile device, or user.

Every smartphone and tablet worldwide has a device ID which is stored directly on the mobile device itself. The device ID does not provide us with any personally identifiable information such as your name or address. However, they do provide important information about how the app is being used by the individual using the device (the device owner). This helps us make improvements to the app and to personalise content shown to users to improve overall user experience.


Why does Choices use tracking technologies?

The Choices app uses tracking technologies to:

  • Understand in-app behaviour and interests of the users who interact with it, along with app traffic and trends
  • Monitor app performance and fix issues to improve the user experience
  • Track in-app events (purchases, taps etc)
  • Understand where users heard about us

If you consent to the tracking technologies, we may also allow others to serve marketing content and advertising related to the Choices app on our behalf across the internet (for example, you may see Choices content on other websites or social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and to track and report the performance of those advertisements.


What types of tracking technologies do we use in our app?

We use tracking technologies to ensure the app performs as it should and is secure. These cannot be turned off.

We would like your permission to use tracking technologies which provide insight into user experience of the app to help us make it better.

Please read below for more information on the various tracking technologies and how to manage these:

Essential technologies

Security, stability and performance logging are critical to the operation of our app and we use the following technologies provided by Google to deliver these features.

These cannot be turned off by the user as they are essential for the ongoing security and functionality of the app.

Crashlytics – Collects events to help us identify and fix any issues that may cause the Choices app to crash. The tool allows us to diagnose the cause of the crash so that we can fix it quickly and minimise any disruption for you.

Performance Monitoring – Collects performance data from the app to help us understand in real time where the performance of the app can be improved so that we can fix any performance issues which are impacting it functioning as it should.

Experience & insight technologies

We use the insight provided by the following third party technologies to enable us to provide a better user experience and to tailor marketing messages to users. These technologies also help us understand the effectiveness of our marketing messages and to make improvements to the app’s design and features.

  • Adjust – Adjust helps us understand where you heard about us and helps us improve and change how we engage with new and existing users. For more information about how Adjust collects and uses your personal data, please read Adjust privacy policy
  • Firebase – Automatically collects information about how you use the Choices App that allows us to enhance your experience and make improvements on the Apps usability (as an example we may track your journey through the app, including the screens that you visit and the buttons that you click ). For more information about how Firebase collects and uses your personal data, please read Google Firebase privacy policy

These tracking technologies will not be switched on unless you have provided consent. You can provide consent (or withdraw later should you change your mind) via the Manage Privacy section on the app.

If you to agree to our use of these tracking technologies, they will remain on during your browsing sessions and your app sessions until you withdraw your consent – which would deactivate them – you can withdraw consent at any time via the Manage Privacy section of the app.


How do I manage the tracking technologies on this app?

You can provide or withdraw consent via the Manage Privacy section on the app at any time.

Changes will take effect from the next time you use the app.

If you turn off the Experience & Insight tracking technologies, we will stop setting or using these after you refresh or close the app. Turning these off will not delete any data that has been collected or used in the past.



If you have any questions about how this app uses your personal data, please contact:

FAO Data Protection Officer
Standard Life Aberdeen plc

1 George Street